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Whitby Chiropractor :: Dr. Tricia Kennedy

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Whitby Chiropractor Dr. Tricia Kennedy has dedicated herself to helping others achieve their personal health goals, naturally with Chiropractic care.

Get Well Faster!

At First Step Family Chiropractic,we are privileged to help families reach their health and wellness potential. Regular chiropractic care is a natural, safe, hands-on and drug-free way to relieve pain, address underlying problems, prevent future issues and promote overall wellness. For almost 2 decades, Dr. Kennedy has helped patients reach their healthiest potential through compassionate, sensitive and tailored treatment, designed to fit each individual’s unique health care needs.

Complete Care for Whitby, Oshawa, Brooklin, Ajax & Pickering

We will encourage our Whitby patients to strive for and achieve the highest level of health they can. We proudly offer you the finest chiropractic care possible. At First Step Family Chiropractic, we also offer Massage therapy to help reduce pain, improve mobility, stimulate healing and induce relaxation and naturopathic medicine to address a wide variety of health concerns.
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Can First Step Family Chiropractic Help You?

Are you a good candidate for chiropractic care? Call our Whitby Chiropractor to arrange a time to discuss your health issue in person: (905) 665-9599.

Dr. Tricia Kennedy | Chiropractor, Whitby ON | Phone: (905) 665-9599