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Shelby Leith, RM-CRA, IARP

Shelby Leith – RM-CRA, IARP 

Shelby is a certified Reiki Master, registered with the Canadian Reiki Association and the International Association of Reiki Practitioners.

Trained in both energy therapies and meditative relaxation practices, Shelby’s main goal is to assist clients in managing the stress and anxiety of their daily lives. Using guided meditation and visualization combined with Reiki healing treatments, Shelby is confident in her ability to remove energetic blockages and create a state of calm and balance, necessary for self-regeneration and healing. Shelby strongly believes in the power of stress reduction to prevent and eliminate both emotional and physical stressors and disease.

At home, Shelby enjoys both practicing mindfulness and writing her own guided meditations. She also enjoys practicing yoga, experimenting with healthy recipes and keeping fit, but most importantly, spending time with her family.


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